About Us

Coastline Mall has been offering quality licensed apparel since 2015 from American Classics, Bravado, Goody Two Sleeves, H3, Impact Merchandise, Merch Traffic, Live Nation, Rock Rebel and many more!


 We are here to feed into your obsession with an array of officially licensed apparel from music, movies, TV, and more. The collection runs the gamut from adult t-shirts for men and women to kids apparel and even outwear. To top it all off, they are extremely affordable too.
From memorable ’80s movies that remain iconic to this day (eg. Scarface, Breakfast Club) to a wide collection of horror ’70s and ’80s big-screen gems like Carrie and Jaws. Coastline Mall’s virtual shelves will not disappoint, No matter your preferences, you will definitely be able to score something amazing!
Thanks for Visiting Us and please let us know how we can help.